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AXON ASM10 back module

Axon - ASM10
Axon - ASM10
Axon - ASM10
Axon - ASM10
Axon - ASM10
Axon - ASM10
Axon - ASM10
Axon - ASM10
AXON ASM10 back module
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  • Code: BS19564
  • Model: ASM10

AXON ASM10 back module only

The ASM10 is an ultimate example of combined functions and features in a single module. The module bridges the analog world to the digital world. With composite or component video and analog audio inputs, the ASM10 is ideal to digitize an analog tape machine to an SDI + embedded audio signal.

It can also be found in a studio or transmission environment that is being upgraded to a central SDI + embedded audio single layer router. If an AES/EBU layer is required, the ASM10 provides this signal too. To preserve your investment after the infrastructure is digitized; it comes with an analog input by-pass function and can be used as an SDI frame synchronizer and embedder. The ASM10 is the mirror function of the SAM10 (without frame sync).

Technical Details


  •  12-bit video A/D conversion and decoding
  •  24-bit audio A/D conversion and processing
  •  Frame synchronizer with smooth audio handling
  •  Delay mode (input lock)
  •  Individual H and V offset adjustment in pixel and lines (with respect to reference)
  •  Auto detecting of PAL, NTSC or SECAM with correct reference input selection (SFR08 and SFR18 only)
  •  Automatic input gain adjustment
  •  Video Proc amp
  •  Noise reduction
  •  Hue adjustment in both SDI and analog path
  •  Decoder Y-shaping and Y-peaking adjustment
  •  Adjustable analog audio reference levels of +15, +18 and +24dBu for 0 dBFS
  •  Adjustable audio gain +12 db to -60 dB
  •  Adjustable audio phase 0 deg or 180 deg
  •  Individual selection of embedded domain audio, or local analog audio input, or ADD-ON audio input
  •  Tracking audio delay on analog audio inputs
  •  Second group embedding through ADD-ON card
  •  SDI frame sync mode
  • Auto format detection
  •  VI and WSS insertion
  •  EDH insertion
  •  Locks to Bi-level sync
  •  Full control and status monitoring through the front panel of the SFR04/SFR08/SFR18 frame and the Ethernet port (ACP)
  •  Optional 1 fiber input (replacing 1 SDI input) or 1 fiber output (replacing 1 SDI output) on I/O panel
  •  Optional 1 CVBS output (replacing 1 SDI output) on I/O panel