AXON 2FS10 Dual channel frame synchronizer with BPX04 back

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AXON 2FS10 Dual channel frame synchronizer with BPX04 back

The AXON 2FS10 is a broadcast quality full featured dual channel frame synchronizer/autophaser. Two fully independent free running signals can be synchronized to the same Black & Burst reference. The density of the Synapse system is doubled by the introduction of “TWINS”, to an impressive 8 channels in 1 rack unit and 36 channels in 4 rack units. The 2FS10 is fully transparent for embedded audio.

Technical Details
  • Frame synchronizer or delay mode
  • Line synchronizer/autophaser
  • Full frame adjustable output phase (channel independent) with respect to reference in sample          increments
  • V-bit autophasing (625 only)
  • VI insertion ƒ EDH processing
  • GPI Freeze input
  • Tracking audio output
  • Selectable manual freeze
  • Black, Green or freeze video output on loss of input
  • Selectable horizontal and vertical blanking
  • Freeze and tracking signals on an easy to wire RJ45 connector
  • Locks to Bi-level sync
  • Full control and status monitoring through the front panel of the SFR04/SFR08/SFR18 frame and the Ethernet port (ACP)
  •  ƒ Optional 2 fiber inputs (replacing 2 SDI inputs) or 2 fiber outputs (replacing 2 SDI outputs) on I/O   panel
  •  ƒ Optional 2 CVBS outputs (replacing 2 SDI outputs) on I/O panel

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