Avid Sync HD Master Clock 9900-38924-00

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  • Brand: Avid
  • Model Number: Sync HD
  • Product Code: BS18309
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 AVID SYNC HD is the ultimate low-jitter master clock, providing near sample-accurate lock to serial timecode. It's a must when working with large-scale music and soundtrack productions. If you have multiple audio interfaces and digital devices in your studio, SYNC HD offers the stability, consistency reliability you need to keep everything running smoothly. And with its new lower price, commanding precision is even easier than ever.

SYNC HD Designed for Pro Tools HD systems, Pro Tools.

SYNC HD provides a wide variety of connections to sync your gear. Get all of the usual suspects to connect to Linear Timecode, Word Clock, NTSC/PAL sources, black burst generators, digital audio signals, and MachineControl-enabled systems, as well as Bi-Phase, Tach, and Pilot devices.

Easily select SYNC HD's clock reference with just the press of a button. The interface supports all major industry-standard clock sources, including Word Clock, HD and SD Video Reference, AES/EBU, Composite Video In, LTC, and more

Select the timecode frame rate and format (drop-frame or non-drop-frame) with a simple button press. You can scope your current rate by the lit green LED indicator next to 30, 29.97, 25, and 24 fps—or a flashing 24 fps LED indicator when using 23.976 fps. And the "DF" LED will light to indicate drop-frame formats

View incoming timecode, as well as various function settings, on the multifunction LED display. See timecode displayed in hours : minutes : seconds : frames. Or use the controls below the display to configure timecode generator settings, PAL/NTSC selection, sample rate, and more while viewing those modes, parameters, and settings on the LED

Technical Details

•Front panel controls and a large LED display of time code and parameters

•Integrated control from Pro Tools

•Time Code Character Generator

•Fader start, provided through GPI output, for remote transport control from select Pro Tools fader movement

•Standalone remote control through SYNC Setup software utility (Windows only)

•Field-updatable firmware

•SYNC I/O Emulation for legacy software support (SYNC HD only)


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