Avid AirSpeed 5000 MULTI I/O

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Avid AirSpeed 5000 MULTI I/O

The Avid® AirSpeed 5000 server addresses a wide range of applications for broadcasters of any size. Designed for broadcast and production applications with regular feed, live acquisition, production, or play to air playback needs, AirSpeed 5000 excels as a standalone device or coupled with an Avid ISIS® shared media network and Interplay® Production asset management, allowing incoming material to be used immediately by all contributors.

AirSpeed 5000 models pack two or four channels of AVC-Intra record and play plus DNxHD playback, or four channels of SD record and playback in a small form factor with modest per-channel power and cooling demand. AirSpeed 5000 integrates easily with your existing, applications, control, and automation systems.

Technical Details

End-to-end production workflow in your format:

The AirSpeed 5000 Base configuration delivers DV25/50 and IMX 30/50 support. AVC-Intra 2 and 4 channel models support MPEG-2 HD and DNxHD playback. AVC-Intra models use Panasonic—sourced hardware codecs for the faithful, full-spec implementations. Full DNxHD 85/100, 120/145, and 185/220 record/play can be added to all models, and optional simultaneous H.264 proxy creation per channel supports easy and fast LAN/WAN-based workflows with Interplay Production.

High availability:

8TB or 4TB of usable storage means ample capacity for programming, commercial, and interstitial content. RAID 50 media protection provides an optimal balance of performance and availability in combination with redundant OS drives, power supplies, network connections, and system fans. Grouping up to six systems in an AirSpeed Studio configuration provides redundancy and flexibility for even greater playout confidence, along with the option for failover channels with a playback control or transmission automation system.

Faster production:

The AirSpeed 5000 server can directly exchange files between P2 decks, 3rd party servers and editing systems. With Avid Media Composer®, editors and ISIS® shared storage, the FrameChaseTM feature virtually eliminates the time between acquisition and editing, letting connected editors access material seconds after the transfer begins. A single click sends finished clips to playback, and AirSpeed 5000 fast media replay provides immediate turnaround for live or breaking news events.

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