ACO-3901 Automatic Changeover Module

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The Leitch ACO-3901 is the evolution of the automatic changeover module. Conventional automatic changeover modules are typically packaged as a 1RU chassis that work in conjunction with standalone primary and redundant Sync Pulse Generators. The ACO–3901 by leveraging the inherent advantages of the NEO platform offers superior performance and packaging density over “conventional” automatic changeover modules. The ACO-3901 module when installed with 2 MTG-3901 master timing generators in a single NEO frame offers enhanced reliability, performance, and features when compared to any conventional sync pulse generator/ automatic changeover products.

The ACO-3901 is a single NEO module with a 3 slot integrated back module. The ACO-3901 front module will occupy one of the slots of the integrated back module, the additional 2 empty slots are occupied by a primary and redundant MTG-3901s.


Technical Details

• Automatic changeover module on a single module!

• Installed with a primary and redundant MTG-3901 in a single frame for maximum density.

• Switching of all output signals for enhanced reliability

• Optional standalone power supply for enhanced reliability

• Seamless switching between redundant sources for transparent operation.

• Health and status monitoring of MTG-3901s for pre-emptive the switchover to redundant MTG-3901


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