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A 1U rack-mounting digital distribution amplifier for use in both audio and video installations where AES/EBU audio distribution is required. It offers multiple operating configurations to enable sample-rate conversions, re-framing to an external reference signal and has an analogue audio monitoring output for convenience.

An internal switch is used to set up the DA210D in the following modes. Mode 1: One input, ten output distribution amplifier; the input is re-clocked to remove jitter. Mode 2: As mode 1, but with two paths, each one input, five outputs. Mode 3: One input, ten output distribution amplifier with the input sample-rate converted and frame-synched to a reference signal applied to input 2. Mode 4: As mode 3 , but dual path, each one input to five outputs, with the first input sample-rate converted and frame-synched to second input. Mode 5: One input, ten output sample-rate convertor and distribution amplifier. The input is sample-rate converted (to an internal reference) to provide ten outputs at either 48, 44.1 or 32 kHz.


AES/EBU audio inputs are via rear-panel XLR connectors. Internal headers enable inputs 1 and 2 to be looped through to outputs 5 and 10 respectively. Front-panel LEDs confirm the presence of a locked digital signal on each input, and display the sample-rate and warn of data errors. A stereo headphone monitor jack socket with a fixed output level (0dBu) can be switched between the two inputs. Dimensions: 1U x 245 mm deep. Weight: 5kg.


Technical Details

Technical Specifications DA210D

Input Impedance Transformer balanced         – 110/75 ohms selectable

Output Impedance Transformer balanced      – 110 ohms

Input Level Sensitivity                                          400mV peak to peak

Output Jitter Negligible                                        <3nS peak to peak

Propagation Delay Mode                                     1 & 2 - <500ns, mode 3 & 4 - <10?s,                                                                                   mode 5 - <20?s

Dimensions                                                             1U (44mm) high, 245mm deep

Power                                                                       220-240V, 20W

Weight                                                                      5kg

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