ATOMOS SHOGUN STUDIO dual 12G 6G 3G 4K Monitor Recorder

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  • Brand: ATOMOS
  • Model Number: SHOGUN STUDIO
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Building on the architecture of the Shogun platform, the ATOMOS SHOGUN STUDIO leverages the features and functions found on cameras to build them into your rack. Harnessing the latest 4K/HD recorder, monitor and playback technologies the Shogun Studio offers a feature set that will help facilities existing HD workflows and provide the option for creating 4k Masters.

 Following the same core Atomos principles of Record, Playback, Monitor and Edit the Shogun Studio allows you to over come many of the challenges faced with in live events, outside broadcast environments, production galleries, post production facility MCR, ProAV / Signage, on set DIT, sports officiating and many more.

 Atomos defined the ability to migrate away from MPEG based GOP codecs with high levels of compression and reduced color accuracy by capturing content direct from the sensors of any camera that outputs a clean feed such as studio cameras and outputs from vision mixers and even RAW out puts from large sensor Cinematic cameras in to visually lossless edit ready Apple ProRes and Avid DNx edit ready codecs.

ATOMOS SHOGUN STUDIO dual 12G 6G 3G 4K Monitor Recorder

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