Ateme KYRION MC3100 Modular Multiplexer for IPTV and Broadcast Distribution A0-110

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The KyrionTM MC3100 multiplexer is the simplest, most powerful solution for operators launching or expanding their digital service offering.

The Kyrion MC3100 advanced multiplexer platform simplifies engineer’s deployment and operational routines. Developed specifically for DTH operators, the multiplexer performs full analysis of source PSI/SI and PSIP tables, with automatic regeneration of all tables as required, up to a maximum of 250 Multiplexes scrambled in DVB CA or AES mode.

ATEME presents high performance output modules for direct insertion of digital services into the terrestrial, cable and satellite networks. Based on a full digital-modulation and up conversion architecture, the Output modules deliver a clearer signal, and makes future upgrades easier.

For insertion of local programming at regional broadcast locations, the Kyrion MC3100 is a powerful, space efficient solution. Transparent mode enables direct transport stream forwarding for network conversion applications.

Technical Details


  • ASI, GB IP inputs (electrical or optical)
  • Maximum of 24 ASI inputs
  • GB IP (electrical or optical), ASI and COFDM outputs
  • PSI/SI regeneration
  • PSI/SI/PSIP input analysis
  • Support DVB and AES scrambling, Simulcrypt interface based
  • Intuitive web-based user control • SNMP Alarm MIB
  • SOAP/XML Interface for external control
  • DVB-T/T2 Single Frequency Network support with embedded MIP inserter
  • Seamless Statistical Multiplexing with ATEME’s SR1000 SmartRate allocator
  • Any number of TS outputs within 250 services and 800 Mbps

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