ATEME KYRION CM5000 H264 Modular Contribution Encoder with zixi IP and IF output

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  • Model Number: CM5000
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The Kyrion© CM5000 encoder has been designed for contribution over satellite, IP and ASI networks, with all needed features, such as ultra-fast-boot, and added value features such as ABR output and integrated Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ).

The Kyrion© CM5000 is a future-proof solution, with HEVC4 software upgrade option and pay as you grow support: SD to HD to UHD3 , MPEG2 to H264.

The Kyrion© CM5000 can be used as a single, dual channel encoder, or a single channel with a DVB-S/S2 modulator. Audio boards for analog or digital inputs can be added on two extension slots. The Kyrion CM50000 is based on ATEME 5 th Generation STREAM© compression engine, delivers the highest video quality at minimum bitrates with ultra-low latency

The Kyrion© CM5000 front panel and web based user Interface provide quick access to configuration menus and immediate settings ensuring a super-fast boot.

Technical Details

Key features

  • 10-bit 4:2:2
  • Ultra low latency mode
  • Confidence Audio / Video input monitoring
  • Daisy-chain services re-multiplexing
  • Contribution over Internet streaming
  • FEC Pro MPEG and BISS - 0/1/E/EBU support


  • Low OPEX link with high VQ at low bitrates
  • Ease of use with front panel and web GUI
  • Pay as you grow – future proof investment
  • Ensures content fidelity
  • Streamlined Encoder– Modulator configuration
  • Immediate service with ultra-fast-boot and low latency

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