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ASTEL Digicom Electronics LLC is headquartered in Dubai, the Middle East's, Africa's, and CIS countries' commercial hub. Fiber Optic Data Transmission and Receiving System, FTTH Networking, GPON/GEPON System, CATV-RF and HFC System, IF-Fiber Optic Transmission System, QPSK Transmission and Receiving System are all goods that the company offers.

Brand: ASTEL Model: 2020-4
This cost-effective range of analog, composite video distribution amplifiers are aimed at CCTV and audio-visual applications in retail and security installations and may also be useful for distributing non-critical video feeds in theatre, and broadcast environments. All models may be rack-mounte..
Brand: ASTEL Model: 4662B
The 20dB Satellite In-Line Amplifier is used to boost the signal from your satellite to your receiver or multiswitch. Simply install the amplifier at the satellite dish or signal source for an instant 20dB boost. In-line amplifiers are required when the signal is too weak or for long cable runs over..
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