ASTEL 2x4 channel video distributor analogue for Teleprompters

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  • Brand: ASTEL
  • Model Number: 2020-4
  • Product Code: BS18094
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This cost-effective range of analog, composite video distribution amplifiers are aimed at CCTV and audio-visual applications in retail and security installations and may also be useful for distributing non-critical video feeds in theatre, and broadcast environments. All models may be rack-mounted using optional accessories, and are AC powered. The range begins with a simple one-input four-output model and progresses to a sixteen-output version which may be may be fed by two, four or eight inputs.

Technical Details

All models are built-in powder-coated steel cases and have internal AC power supplies fed by captive cables. All input and output connectors are BNC female types. All models have a simple front panel with an illuminating power switch.

Inputs and outputs: 1-2 V peak to peak, 75 ohms, BNC. Bandwidth: 10MHz +/-3dB. Noise: Better than 55dB signal to noise.

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