Artel Digilink 1220DP Analog and Digital Video Over Fiber Transport System

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Artel Digilink 1220DP Analog and Digital Video Over Fiber Transport System

Artel’s DigiLink 1220 is an innovative, cost-effective video over fiber transport system capable of transporting all Digital 270Mb formats including SDI SMPTE259M, SDTI and DVB-ASI as well as Analog NTSC, PAL or SECAM with baseband audio.

Artel Digilink 1220DP’s rugged chassis, flexible optics, full featured front panel, and plug-and-play installation make it the ideal solution for video service providers and cable operators for contribution and backhaul applications. The 1220 means of transport analog or digital video with virtually no degradation in video quality or latency covering distances of up to 150km. Distances over 150km are possible using Artel’s DL2701DX digital receiver as a repeater. For fiber constrained applications DigiLink products feature ITU standard DWDM optics with up to 40 channels transported over a single fiber.

DigiLinks’ reputation for reliability and transmission quality has made it the most requested product for video service providers and their customers for critical applications.


Technical Details

Compact 1 RU chassis supports

• Analog Video and 4 baseband audio and data




•Satellite (video with embedded audio)

•RS232 Data plus 4 Relay

• 270 Mb/s Digital Video




• AC or DC power

• Field replaceable fan

Superior transport quality

• Analog:

•12-bit video encoding

•18-bit audio encoding

•Exceeds RS250C short haul specification

• Digital:

•Jitter Management

• Error detection and handling (SDI)

•Native transport of all digital formats

Flexible Optics

• Integrated 1310nm 0dBm laser and -32dBm receiver

• Optional Laser Cartridges

•1550nm (0 dBm)

•1550nm (+7 dBm)

•DWDM (ITU standard channels 21-60)

• Supports singlemode and multimode fiber

Plug-and-play installation and monitoring

• Configurable to automatically detect and transport analog or digital video

• Front Panel Meters

•Audio Level

•Transmit wavelength (Encoder)

•Receiver Light Level (Decoder)


• LED status displays

•Device status

• Optical status

•Video status

• Test Signal Generator

•Link verification

•Loss of video source

•User configurable color and text

• SNMP monitoring and configuration

• Dry contact relays

• Front video and audio monitors (rear video monitor on encoder also)

Renowned dependability

• Demonstrated 20 year mean time between failure (MTBF)

• NEBS Level 3 certification


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