ARGOSY BP-00-002 1RU Black 2 x 32 HD Video patch Panel

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  • Brand: Argosy
  • Model Number: BP-00-002
  • Product Code: BS17707
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The Argosy Mudigsa style HD video patch panels are available in 2 x 32 jack formats housed in a 1Ru frame with integral cable tie bar. The jacks are designed to satisfy the most stringent technical requirements,  insulators allow a small degree of movement to ensure good mating contact with minimal insertion or extraction force. The jacks have a return loss of 20dB at 3GHz which makes them suitable for all current single wire standards of SMPTE 292M, dual link SMPTE 372M and digital cinema SMPTE 424M. The frame is a robust yet light weight housing, with a fully loaded 32 way panel and links weighing 2.4kgs and the 24 way fully loaded with link 1.8kgs. 
Technical Details

1 Ru Black 2 x 32 HD Video Panel 

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