APT Worldnet Oslo Master Controller (MCU) Module

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APT Worldnet Oslo Master Controller (MCU) Module

The MCU module is responsible for the configuration and monitoring of the complete WorldNet Oslo system.

  • System Control - The MCU module controls the operation of all other modules in the system, allocating them time slots on the backplane and sending configuration information.

  • Status Monitoring - The processor constantly polls the status of individual transport modules and makes failsafe decisions based on this status. The module also monitors the frame temperature and the power supplies of the system.

  • Hardware Alarms - The alarm port on the MCU module provides seven GPIO relay contact closures in order to indicate critical status and alarm conditions.

  • Hot-Swappable - Once a WorldNet Oslo is configured, it is able to continue to operate in the event of an MCU card failure as each card will hold its local settings. The MCU can then be “hot swapped” and will recover the current system settings from the individual modules

  • In-band Management - The IP interface on the MCU module is the communication interface for the CMS (Codec Management System) software. It also provides the ability to control multiple remote WorldNet Oslo frames throughout a network using in-band management.

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