APT Worldnet Oslo IP Transport Module

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The IP interface module is the other main alternative for audio and data transport. Again, two cards can be fitted, one for the main circuit and a second for backup or a second link.

Powerful Processing - offers a
powerful high performance Network
Processing Engine capable of supporting many complex IP routing infrastructures.
Multiple Streams to Multiple Destinations - Up to 24 real-time audio streams to 24 individual destinations can be set up on the IP module’s streaming table. The unit can be configured for point- to-point, multiple unicast and multicast applications.
Low, Stable Latency - An on-board VCXO on all audio modules enables clock synchronization and stable data flow across IP links. Alternatively, the IP module can be connected to an external AES/EBU or GPS reference clock to ensure synchronized delivery without introducing delay.
Quality of Service - The module supports QoS settings to ensure optimum audio performance over packetized networks.
IP Backup - The system offers automatic backup using either the second IP port of the IP interface module or a redundant IP interface module.

Bridging IP Networks and T1/E1 lines - The WorldNet Oslo enable progressive migration from synchronous to asynchronous networks including bridging content across both worlds. 

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