Aphex 722 Dominator II Precision multiband peak limiter 110V

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  • Model Number: 722
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The Dominator ll Model 722, has separately switchable pre and de-emphasis curves. When pre-emphasis is switched in, either 50 or 75 microseconds, the equalization curve is added after the input stage and before the limiters.

When de-emphasis is switched in, the complementary de-emphasis curve is inserted after the final clipper and before the output stage.ality.

Aphex 722 Dominator II Precision multiband peak limiter 110V

Technical Details


  • Peak Ceiling Trimmable in 0.2dB Steps Over a 34dB Range
  • 3 Bands of Limiting with Switchable Crossover Frequencies
  • Patented Automatic Limit Threshold (ALT) Circuitry
  • Freedom from Pumping
  • Freedom from Spectral Gain Intermodulation
  • Adjustable Density (Relative Crest Height)
  • Calibrated Detented Potentiometers
  • 104dB Dynamic Range
  • LF and HF EQ Provides Shaping Equalization Below Peak Ceiling
  • Relay Bypass, Remote Controllable
  • Servo-Balanced Transformerless Inputs and Outputs 

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