Apexsat APS 500 Antenna Control Unit

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  • Brand: Apexsat
  • Model Number: APS 500
  • Product Code: BS19639
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The Apexsat APS 500 and APS 500+ can be configured as a multi-functional device with Web access , monitor, spectrum analyser and tracking. This advanced Single Cable Antenna Positioning system is unique Antenna Motorization Controller incorporating a Touchscreen based Antenna Control Unit (ACU) connected to the Motor Control Unit (MCU) by a Single Cable (SC ). The one single cable connection is only possible due to the CANopen Protocol which allows up to 9 axis or more to be controlled on a single cable connection. A smart Motor Control Unit (MCU) will ensure soft start and stop movement of the antenna and a high speed during the main travel time. The basic ACU can save up to 99 satellite positions, it can display each position as an angle or a number of counts based on a preset point of origin. The Antenna positioning system can work with conventional resolvers e.g. hall sensors on the motor or on Axis or digital encoders on each motorized axis.

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