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The APC Corporation was established with a focus on research and development of solar electricity. Formed by three electronic power engineers from MIT, APC then opened a Rhode Island-based manufacturing facility in 1986 APC stock was made available for public trade. Later , APC was acquired by Schneider Electric, a multinational European corporation known globally for its expertise in energy management and automation. This led to the establishment of the Critical Power & Cooling Services (CPCS) Business Unit, which now includes the APC and MGE UPS Systems brands.

Brand: APC Model: AP7920
The APC AP7920 NetShelter Switched Rack PDU is a versatile and intelligent power distribution unit designed to provide efficient and remote power management capabilities within data centers and server rooms. It serves as a crucial component in modern data center environments, enhancing efficienc..
Brand: APC Model: AP7920B
The APC AP7920B NetShelter Switched Rack PDU is a crucial component in modern data center environments, offering advanced power management and monitoring capabilities that enhance efficiency, reliability, and uptime. It allows IT professionals to remotely control and optimize power distribution,..
Brand: APC Model: AP9630
UPS Network Management Card 2Remote monitoring and control of an individual UPS by connecting it directly to the network.Includes: CD with software, User Manual..
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