Anton Bauer Titan TWQ Charger

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  • Brand: Anton Bauer
  • Model Number: Titan TWQ
  • Product Code: BS18910
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The Anton Bauer Titan TWQ Charger is a simultaneous Four Position charger for all Anton/Bauer® Gold Mount® Batteries. As a simultaneous charger each position operates independently allowing four batteries to charge at the same time. (See battery charge time page 2.)

The Anton Bauer Titan TWQ Charger is fully compatible with all current and future Anton/Bauer Logic Series® batteries and delivers all the advancements and proven reliability of InterActive® charging. Like all Anton/Bauer chargers, everything is automatic. Once a battery is placed on the TWQ, the charger will evaluate the battery and then execute the proper charge routine.

Technical Details
  • Simultaneous Charging for all Anton/Bauer Logic Series® batteries.
  • Full InterActive® technology including I-Min which makes seven simultaneous charge termination systems, Balance and
  • Rejuvenation modes, and LifeSaver® Maintenance mode.
  • Wide range mains input compatibility (100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz) automatically adapts to any mains source worldwide.
  • Expanded InterActive® communications with DIGITAL batteries, anticipating new cell technologies.

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