ANS Digital Video Analyser S310

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ANS Digital Video Analyser S310
  • Tests composite and component serial or parallel digital video signals in both 525 and 625 line stan- dards
  • All tests are performed to international stan- dards with easy to read pass or fail indicators located on the front panel
  • Contains user selectable alarm thresholds that can provide instant warning of out-of-limit signal param-eters
Technical Details

ANS Digital Video Analyser S310

Amplitude - INPUT SIGNAL MAXIMUM LIMITS: ±10 V. MEASUREMENT RANGE: ±1.5 V. RIPPLE MEASUREMENT RANGE (Vrp): <1.5 V. Vrp FREQUENCY RANGE: 0 to 10 kHz. MEASUREMENT RESOLUTION: 12 mV. TEST OUTPUT FOR MEASUREMENTS: Vpp and Vrp identical value to voltage measured at 75 Ohms.

Jitter - PARALLEL SIGNAL JITTER RANGE: ±7.5 ns. SERIAL SIGNAL JITTER RANGE: ±1.5 ns. SE- RIAL SIGNAL JITTER RESOLUTION: 40 pS +10 pS with 10 m of cable. PARALLEL SIGNAL JITTER BANDWIDTH: 1.4 kHz. PARALLEL TEST OUTPUT JITTER: 100 mV/ns at 75 Ohms. SERIAL TEST OUT- PUT JITTER: 300 mV/ns at 75 Ohms. MISCELLANEOUS - MON OUTPUT: 720 mV at 75 Ohms, DC com- ponent not transmitted. CLOCK OUTPUT: Parallel signal clock 400 mVpp at 75 Ohms, DC component not transmitted.

Measurements Common To Serial And Parallel Signals - PREAMBLE ERROR DETECTION: The analyser has a “hard” preamble detector, which allows detection of a preamble error on the 4 least significant bits. TEST OUTPUT LEVELS FOR DISPLAY OF RESERVED CODES AND TRS ERRORS: 700 mV at 75 Ohms.

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