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Andrew Corporation is a global provider of high-quality satellite communications equipment for business and home use. Data, internet, telephony, multimedia, audio, video, PC networking, and other information-related communications are examples of applications. 

Brand: ANDREW Model: ADU
The Andrew ADU (Antenna Drive Unit) is an integral component of a satellite communication system responsible for controlling the movement and positioning of satellite antennas. In the context of Andrew Corporation (now part of CommScope), the ADU is designed to precisely adjust azimuth and eleva..
Brand: ANDREW Model: APC100
The Andrew APC100 is a programmable antenna controller used in satellite communication systems and other applications where precise antenna positioning is crucial. It's designed to control the movement and positioning of antennas, ensuring accurate alignment with satellites or specific signal so..
Andrews Channel Master Andrew Feed Horn 3040661
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Brand: ANDREW Model: 3040661
Andrews Channel Master Andrew Feed Horn 3040661..
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