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The AnchorMAN wireless intercom system is a new wireless intercom system that provides unprecedented ease of use and flexibility. Designed for portability, this patent-pending and FCC-approved wireless intercom require no base station to function.

Each belt pack is capable of listening to 4 belt packs at one time. Compatible frequency groups are pre-selected to allow users to operate in up to four separate groups with no interference. AnchorMAN can also be seamlessly connected to PortaCOM, Clear-Com, or Telex Wired and Wireless Systems via the Wingman Interface Station. Best of all, it is designed to minimize cost without sacrificing function. AnchorMAN is the most cost-efficient intercom system in the market today! 

Technical Details

AnchorMAN MAN-40D 

  • Four BP-900 wireless belt packs
  • Four headsets:

The choice between H-200 dual or H-200S single earmuff

  • One GC-900 Gang Charger
  • Lightweight, high-density case

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