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Anchor Audio has been producing high-quality portable sound systems in the United States since 1973. Over 2,000places of worship and school districts, all branches of the military , use the products, which are marketed through an approved dealer network. All-in-one battery-powered PA systems, as well as full complement wireless technology, are amongst a vast amount of the highlights.

Anchor 800 ANCHOR1 portable Speaker Liberty
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Brand: Anchor Audio Model: 800/ANCHOR1
Anchor Audio UHF wireless is a 16 channel, diversity wireless system that receives signals with two independent antennae. With diversity wireless the receiver processes the stronger signal, effectively minimizing dropouts and interference from other transmitting sources. The antennae are mounted i..
Anchor LIB6001 Speaker Liberty Companion PA Speaker
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Brand: Anchor Audio Model: LIB6001
The Liberty sound system is perfect for sound projection in indoor or outdoor settings and playing music during school activities. The unit delivers 117dB of intelligible speech from one sound system designed for users with no technical knowledge. The Liberty is truly versatile with true AC/DC op..
Brand: Anchor Audio Model: MAN-40D
AnchorMAN MAN-40D PACKAGE TALKBACK SYSTEMThe AnchorMAN wireless intercom system is a new wireless intercom system that provides unprecedented ease of use and flexibility. Designed for portability, this patent-pending and FCC-approved wireless intercom require no base station to function. Each b..
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