Snell & Wilcox Analog Video Distribution Amplifier with RollCall Control

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  • Brand: Snell & Wilcox
  • Model Number: IQAVDR
  • Product Code: BS17830
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The IQVDA00 provides up to 14 equalized analog video outputs. Features include; adjustable gain and equalization, and full remote control and status reporting.

The price is only for the car with back connectors images shown only for understanding the product  

Technical Details
  • Up to 14 high quality outputs
  • Balanced loop-through input
  • Terminating input option on single width rear panel allows extra output
  • 35 MHz bandwidth
  • Adjustable gain and equalization
  • Equalization for RG59U/Belden 8263 or PSF1/2/Belden 8281 (link selectable)
  • Full RollCall remote control and signal identification
  • Sync and burst level warnings
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) with respect to sync height
  • Automatic equalization (ACC) with respect to burst height

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