AmiNET130M IPTV receiver with power adopter no remote

  • $40.00

  • Brand: AMINO
  • Model Number: AMINET130 IPTV
  • Product Code: BS19492
  • Quantity in stock: 4
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The AmiNET130 provides HDMI and a compact AVC interface that allows flexible options to cover a wide range of video and audio outputs together with an optical output for multichannel surround sound. Additionally the USB connector allows interfacing to a wide variety of devices. 

Technical Details

Main Features

• MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 up to HP@L4, resolutions up to 720p and 1080i

• MPEG-2 up to MP@HL, resolutions up to 720p and 1080i

• Digital High Definition output via HDMI with HDCP

• Analogue High Definition output: 720p, 1080i

• Picture in Picture and Picture in Graphics support with scaling, positioning and alpha blending

• Flexible audio and video output

• Composite, Component, S-Video, RGB, Analogue HD

• Stereo Audio and Dolby 5.1 surround via Optical S/P-DIF

• Teletext pass through, closed captioning, subtitling

• RF Modulator • 4:3 and 16:9 video stream aspect ratios

• PAL/NTSC TV Output with Macrovision protection option

• 16:9 video stream on a 4:3 TV with cropping/letterbox


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