Denon AM/FM Radio Tuner TU-1500AE

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The TU-1510AE is an AM/FM stereo tuner featuring highly sensitive reception performance and detailed, clear sound even in crowded urban areas.

• Design matching Integrated Amplifier for the new 10AE series The TU-1510AE sports an external design that harmonizes well as a system upgrade for Denon’s latest AE series of Hi-Fi audio components.

The TU-1510AE comes in a choice of two colours, premium silver and black, and together with its aluminium panel of rich texture this tuner achieves a tasteful ambience that enhances the total design balance of the AE Hi-Fi audio system • Rotary knob, for easy tuning and preset operation

The TU-1510AE's rotary knob makes tuning and operating presets a breeze. Simply turn it to the left or right to access the station you want. • Easy-to-read dot matrix and 2-line FL display The TU-1510AE features a large dot matrix display panel with vastly improved visual recognition characteristics. Alphanumerics are displayed more smoothly, allowing users to read the information more quickly.

• Low-impedance output circuit for high quality sound The output circuit in the TU-1510AE has an impedance of less than 300 ohms to enable greater density in signal transmission to the amp for superior attenuation characteristics in the highfrequency range and a highly transparent sound quality.

• Easy-to-use, dedicated remote control unit The TU-1510AE comes with its own remote controller that lets you conveniently perform operations such as adjusting reception frequencies up or down, flicking through preset channels, and switching bands.

• Preset memory for a total of 100 FM/AM stations, and Auto preset memory for automatically scanning and storing stations that can be received • Up to 8 alphanumerics can be stored for displaying station call letters, nick-names, or other information.

Technical Details

FM section Tuning frequency 87.50 MHz - 108.00 MHz

Usable sensitivity 1.0μV (11.2dBf) / 1.2μV (IHF)

Signal-to-noise ratio Mono: 77 dB (IHF), 73 dB (DIN) Stereo: 72 dB (IHF), 68 dB (DIN)

Total Harmonic Distortion Mono: 0.15 % Stereo: 0.3 %

Frequency response 20 Hz - 15 kHz (-1.0, +0.5dB)

Stereo separation 1 kHz 43 dB A

M section Tuning frequency range 522 kHz - 1611 kHz

Usable sensitivity 18 μV Signal-to-noise ratio 53 dB

General Power supply AC 230 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption 10 W

Dimensions (W x H x D) 434 x 73 x 286 mm Weight 3.6 kg

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