Alice Soundtech MSU-10 transmission monitor 10 inputs

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  • Brand: Alice
  • Model Number: MSU 10
  • Product Code: BS18206
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This 2U rack-unit Alice Soundtech MSU-10 is intended to allow quality monitoring of 10 stereo line-level sources and features built-in 10 + 10-watt power amplifiers to drive 8-ohm loudspeakers. A headphone jack is also provided with separate level control. A loudspeaker mute input allows the unit to be used in areas with live microphones.

Unity gain balanced line-level outputs permit the MSU10 also to function as a source pre-select unit. Level meters may be either PPM- or VU-type. Line-level audio connections are via XLRs and are electronically balanced.

also called Transmission Monitor Unit MSU-10

Alice Soundtech MSU-10 is in stock with BS broadcast with good price 

Technical Details
  • Input impedance: >20kohms active balanced
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz: +0dB – 2.5dB
  • Distortion: unity gain 40Hz 0.007% 1kHz 0.03% 10kHz 0.02%
  • Noise: -106dB (30Hz to 15kHz ref. +8dB)
  • Common-mode rejection: >60dB
  • Max. input level: +22dB
  • Output impedance: <1 ohm active balanced
  • Max. output level: +22dB
  • Speaker outputs: 10 + 10 wattsinto 8 ohms, 6 + 6 wattsinto 16 ohms
  • Mains supply: 230 V AC 30VA (115Vavailable to order) IECMale
  • Dimensions: 19" rack mounting x2U high x180mm deep.

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