Aja RH10MD HD Downconverter and Re-clocking Distribution Amplifier

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  • Brand: AJA
  • Model Number: RH10MD
  • Product Code: BS19077
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The RH10MD is a 10-bit broadcast-quality HD down converter and HD-SDI distribution amplifier. Provided are 4 re-clocked HD-SDI outputs, and four down-converted SD outputs. The SD outputs can be individually configured as analog or SDI—and the analog outputs can be component or composite.

All HD formats are supported by the RH10MD, including 24p/PSF with 3:2 pulldown. The input format supplied to the RH10MD is auto-detected—configuration is necessary.

The serial digital output can be formatted for either 4:3 or 16:9 monitors. When used with 4:3 monitors, both Letterbox and Crop modes are supported.

The RH10MD is dual-rate (HD/SD) and supports SDI inputs. Four-channel AES embedded audio is passed through to the SDI outputs. The RH10MD is compatible with AJA's FR1 and FR2 frames

Aja RH10MD HD Downconverter and Re-clocking Distribution Amplifier

Technical Details

RH10MD Card Module, Side View

  •  Broadcast quality 10-bit HD to SD down-conversion
  •  Broadcast quality 10-bit SDI and analog output
  •  4 Equalized, Re-clocked DA outputs—HD-SDI or SDI (outputs follow input)
  •  Multi-Standard input, including 1080p24sf (3:2 pulldown)
  •  Configurable for 16:9 or 4:3 monitor
  •  Crop Mode or Letterbox Mode
  •  4:3 Safe Zone graticule
  •  Supports 4-channel embedded audio (passed to SDI output)
  •  Audio features high-quality 10-bit encoding and 4-times oversampling

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