AJA FS1 Universal Frame Synchronizer / Converter

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AJA FS1 Universal Frame Synchronizer Converter

Featuring a flexible “anything in, anything out” architecture, the FS1 Universal HD/SD Audio/Video Frame Synchronizer and Converter can simultaneously work with both HD and SD video — all in full 10-bit broadcast quality video and 24-bit audio.

The FS1 supports virtually any input or output, analog or digital, HD or SD. The FS1 can up-or down convert between SD and HD, and provide simultaneous HD and SD outputs.

Up, Down, Cross-Conversion between HD formats are also supported, with simultaneous output of both formats. For audio, the FS1 supports 8-channel AES, balanced analog, or 16 channel embedded audio with full flexibility and audio processing controls. You can choose from any of the 4 groups of embedded audio for 8 channel output on the ASE or Analog audio. The FS1 supports closed captioning and the conversion of closed captioning between SD and HD formats—including full conversion of CEA-608 captions to the CEA-708 standard. The FS1 is also network ready, supporting webbased and SNMP remote control.

Technical Details


  • SD/HD up/down conversion
  • SD/SD aspect ratio conversion
  • HD/HD cross conversion (720p/1080i)
  • Up/down/cross conversion with both the input and converted formats on SD/HD SDI outputs (both synchronized)
  • HD cross conversion with simultaneous downconverted SDI output
  • Closed caption support for up, down and cross-conversion
  • AFD support (Active Format Description)
  • Dual HD/SD SDI inputs and outputs
  • Component analog HD/SD input and output (RGB)
  • Composite/S-video input and output with TBC
  • 8-channel AES and balanced analog audio inputs and outputs
  • 6-channel embedded audio I/O
  • Fully redundant power supplies standard
  • 10/100 LAN with SNMP, and embedded web server for remote control
  • Video Proc Amp • Audio Channel Mapping
  • Chassis styling optimized for machine room use with simple panel and remote web browser user interfaces
  • Front panel alphanumeric and graphical display shows input/ output settings and parameter viewing/editing choices
  • LED status indicators for at-a-glance system monitoring
  • Two GPI inputs and outputs, TTL, isolated
  • Register Recall/Store
  • Save/Restore to Computer
  • Tone and Test Signal Generator
  • Sidebar Keyer
  • VTECS 2 and VTECS 5 Remote Control Panel Support
  • Front panel lockout from web UI
  • Password protect for web UI
  • GPI control for Aspect Ratio Conversion
  • 5 year warranty

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