AJA D5D NTSC/PAL to Serial Decoder

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The AJA D5D Serial Digital Decoder provides low-cost all-digital decoding of analog NTSC, PAL or Y/C (S-Video) to 4:2:2 component serial digital. When working in a serial digital environment, the D5D is useful for bringing in video from time-base corrected analog composite equipment.

The D5D provides three 4:2:2 component serial digital outputs. The D5D automatically configures NTSC (525 line) or PAL (625 line) analog inputs to 525 or 625 line 4:2:2 component serial digital outputs. To reduce jitter in the serial digital outputs, the D5D uses a crystal PLL jitter filter.

The D5D decodes the full dynamic range of input video—values below black and above white are not clipped. In the NTSC mode, the removal of the 7.5 IRE pedestal can be disabled by external dip switch selection.

AJA D5D NTSC/PAL to Serial Decoder

Technical Details

• Analog Composite-Y/C to SDI Conversion

• Selectable 2 or 3 Line Adaptive Comb Filter

• Three SDI Outputs

• All SDI outputs are separately buffered

• Crystal PLL Jitter Filter

• Automatically Configures to NTSC/PAL

• Configurable pedestal

• External DIP switch user interface for configuration

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