AJA D10C Serial Digital to Analog Video Converter with power adopter

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The AJA D10C serial to analog converter provides excellent quality 10 bit digital-to-analog conversion at-low cost. The D10C is useful for converting analog monitors to serial digital monitors, waveform monitoring, or adding a serial input to VTRs, workstations, or other analog video equipment.

The D10C automatically works with component or composite serial digital inputs in 525 or 625 line formats. It provides component analog outputs for component serial inputs, a NTSC output for composite serial inputs, and a PAL output for 625 composite serial inputs.

The composite or NTSC/PAL output works only with composite (D2, D3) inputs. The component analog outputs are user-configurable to cover a wide range of formats including Y/R-Y/B-Y, RGB, Beta, and MII. Sync, set-up (pedestal), and blanking are also configurable. In addition, the composite analog output provides an extra "Y" output for component inputs - this feature allows multi-format/standard monitoring when using a single black-and-white monitor.

This output can also be configured as a Composite Sync output (for component inputs). Both H and V blanking are adjustable with NARROW and WIDE selections. The NARROW H blanking selection allows all 720 pixels of component digital to be displayed.

AJA D10C Serial Digital to Analog Video Converter with power adopter

Technical Details

Serial Interface                                   SMPTE 259M

Serial Input

Return Loss                            >15 db, 5 - 270 MHz

Cable EQ                                0-300 meters typical, Belden 8281

Serial Outputs

Return Loss                            >15 db, 2 - 270 MHz

Risetime                                 600 ps typical

Jitter                                       ± 250 ps typical (w/250 ps input jitter)

Component Analog Output              (component serial input only) Format       Y/R-Y/B-Y or RGB - jumper selected

Sync on Y/GREEN and set-up (pedestal) selected by internal jumper

Level and DC adjustable

D/A converters                       10 bits

Composite Analog Output

Format                                              NTSC (525 composite serial input only) PAL (625 composite serial input only) "Y" (component serial input)

D/A converter                         10 bits

Frequency response

Y                                              ± .25 db to 5.2 Mhz

R-Y, B-Y                                  ± .25 db to 2.6 Mhz

NTSC/PAL                               ± .5 db to 5 Mhz

K factor (2T)                           Less than 1%

Y to C delay                                        ± 10 ns

Dimentions                                         5.8" x 3.1" x 1" (147 mm x 79 mm x 25 mm)

Power Requirements                         5 VDC regulated, 650 ma max. See Figure 4 for power

connector wiring diagram.

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