AJA C10SP Serial to Parallel Transcoder with power adapter

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The C10SP parallel/serial converter products are designed to efficiently adapt 8 or 10 bit parallel digital video equipment to serial digital interfaces. The C10 converters attach directly to the “D” connectors of parallel equipment – eliminating the need for expensive and un-reliable parallel cables. At only .65 inches (16.5mm) wide, the C10 converters can fit on even the highest density parallel equipment. The C10 products can be powered from a small wall plug-in power supply (provided). An optional rack-mount supply can power up to 24 C10 converters.

An exclusive feature of the C1- converters are their signal processing functions. Controlled by external dip-switches, these functions address the problems of integrating 8 and 10 bit digital equipment. The dither mode properly converts 10 bit video to 8 bit resolution. This function is useful when feeding 8 bit equipment, such as VTRs and DVEs, with 10 bit equipment such as a switcher. The 8-to-10 bit input format mode is useful when feeding 10 bit equipment/system with 8 bit equipment that only drives 8 data bits of the interface.

AJA’s signal processing functions simplify digital systems by taking 8/10 bit format control out of operations and making it a one-time set-up at installation time. By converting 8 bit parallel equipment to 10 bit compatible serial digital, systems can be standardized at 10 bit serial digital.

AJA C10SP Serial to Parallel Transcoder

Technical Details

Serial Interface                       SMPTE

Parallel Interface                  SMPTE 125M (4:2:2) SMPTE 244M (4fsc NTSC)

EBU Tech. 3246 / 3247 (4:2:2) IEC 60B 170 /5 (4fsc PAL)

Serial Input

Return Loss              > 15 db, 5 – 270MHz

Cable EQ                    0 – 300 meters typical, Belden 8281 Serial Outputs

Return Loss              > 15 db, 5 – 270 MHz


Risetime                 600 ps typical

Jitter                        C10SP: 250ps pp typical (w /250ps pp input jitter) C10PS: 250ps pp typical (w /.5 1ns pp input jitter)

Level                        800 mv,      10mv (adjustable        200 mv) Power

Requirements                                              5 VDC regulated, 600 ma max.

Operating Temp.                      to 40    C (32     to 104    F)

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