AJA C10PS Parallel to Serial Converter with power adapter

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AJA C10PS Parallel to Serial Converter is designed to efficiently adapt 8 or 10 bit parallel digital video equipment to serial digital interfaces. The C10 converters attach directly to the “D” connectors of parallel equipment – eliminating the need for expensive and un-reliable parallel cables. At only .65 inches (16.5mm) wide, the C10 converters can fit on even the highest density parallel equipment. The C10 products can be powered from a small wall plug-in power supply (provided). An optional rack-mount supply can power up to 24 C10 converters.

An exclusive feature of the C1- converters are their signal processing functions. Controlled by external dip-switches, these functions address the problems of integrating 8 and 10 bit digital equipment. The dither mode properly converts 10 bit video to 8 bit resolution. This function is useful when feeding 8 bit equipment, such as VTRs and DVEs, with 10 bit equipment such as a switcher. The 8-to-10 bit input format mode is useful when feeding 10 bit equipment/system with 8 bit equipment that only drives 8 data bits of the interface

AJA’s signal processing functions simplify digital systems by taking 8/10 bit format control out of operations and making it a one-time set-up at installation time. By converting 8 bit parallel equipment to 10 bit compatible serial digital, systems can be standardized at 10 bit serial digital.

Technical Details

Serial Interface                       SMPTE

Parallel Interface                      SMPTE 125M (4:2:2) SMPTE 244M (4fsc NTSC)

EBU Tech. 3246 / 3247 (4:2:2) IEC 60B 170 /5 (4fsc PAL)

Serial Input

Return Loss              > 15 db, 5 – 270MHz

Cable EQ                 0 – 300 meters typical, Belden 8281 Serial Outputs

Return Loss              > 15 db, 5 – 270 MHz


Risetime                   600 ps typical

Jitter                        C10SP: 250ps pp typical (w /250ps pp input jitter) C10PS: 250ps pp typical (w /.5 – 1ns pp input jitter)

Level                        800 mv,      10mv (adjustable        200 mv) Power Requirements                                              5 VDC regulated, 600 ma max.

Operating Temp.                     0   to 40    C (32     to 104    F)

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