Nevion AES/EBU distributor AD0108Q

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The AD0108Q is a 1 to 8 AES/EBU digital audio distribution amplifier in a single rack space ultra low profile enclosure. High performance amplifier circuits in SMD technology give maximum signal quality and minimum jitter, which makes this amplifier the first choice for demanding distribution tasks. The AD0108Q provides both balanced 110 Ohm and unbalanced 75 Ohm inputs. 

-AES/EBU distributor AD0108

-1x8 Quadruple AES3 Digital Audio Distribution Amplifier

-AES/EBU Digital Audio Distributor -1x8 QUAD

Technical Details

Signal type: AES/EBU digital audio (Stereo)

Signal amplitude: 0,2 – 7Vp-p

Balanced inputs: 4x transformer coupled AES3-110

Connector: DB25 female

Unbalanced inputs: 4x 75Ohm 1Vp-p unbalanced coax, SMPTE 276M

Connector: RCA

Impedance: 75 Ohm

Signal amplitude: 4Vp-p ± 1Vp-p

Outputs: 4x8 AES3-110

Connector: DB25 female

Impedance: 110 Ohm

Signal amplitude: 100mVp-p to 1Vp-p

Jitter: 0,7ns

Sampling rates: 32 – 48 kHz

AC power: External power supply 100 – 260 VAC

Dimensions: 483 x 44 x 40 mm (19”, 1RU)


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