AEQ BC 300 12 channel Broadcast Studio Audio Console

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The Audio Mixer AEQ BC-300 has been designed, fundamentally, for its use in small Radio Broadcast studios, mobile units, journalist cabins and simple sound facilities, where the relationship price/quality and reliability of the equipment are fundamental factors.

The development and manufacturing criteria of the Audio mixer have been based on our vast experience in the field of Radio Broadcasting, and the direct contact with the professionals of this sector, that has made it possible for us to capture the need of a simple Audio mixer for radio and other applications, with the most current technology and excellent performance.

Its design and configuration, assure a rapid assimilation by the user of all the functions of the mixer. The logic distribution of the controls, the incorporation of a telephone hybrid and the automatic functions of monitor mute and signaling, simplifies the labour of the operator.

Its semi-modular conception allows an easy and rapid maintenance or servicing by qualified personnel, though it will have to be disconnected from electrical mains before any service intervention or of repair should be carried out. The high quality of the components used in the construction guarantees an extended useful life of the equipment.

Below are detailed some of the characteristics that make of the mixer AEQ BC-300 an excellent equipment for its utilization in small Radio Broadcast networks and other applications.

- Electronically Balanced Microphone Input Channels.

- VCA Signal Control Faders.

- Transformer Balanced MASTER Outputs.

- Asymmetrical Stereo Line inputs.

- Three asymmetrical stereo outputs for, for example, recording.

- Two Transformer Balanced Auxiliary Mono inputs.

- Two Transformer Balanced Auxiliary Mono outputs.

- All inputs with CUE/PFL.

- Internal telephone hybrid.

- Independent control of Control and Studio headphones.

- 10+10 W. Output of for Studio monitors.

- 24 V. Power Supply for signaling with automatic activation.

Technical Details
Input of Mic./Line BC-311.
Electronically Balanced.
Connector Mic.:Female XLR (2 x MODULE)
Connector Line:Female RCA (2 x MODULE)
Impedance:> 2 KOhm.
Input range:MIC: - 72 dBv / - 21 dBv
LINE: - 34 dBv / +14 dBv
Nominal level of Master +4dBv
Equivalent noise:- 118 dB 20 Hz / 20 KHz.
Fader Adjustment:122 dB

Stereo Line input BC-322.
Connector:Female RCA (16 x MODULE)
Input impedance:> 10 KOhm.
Input range:- 20 dBv / +26 dBv
Nominal Output.
Fader Adjustment:122 dB

Auxiliary Inputs BC-378.
Transformer Balanced.Connector: “Hartman” Connector Block.
Input impedance:> 10 KOhm
Input range:- 20 dBv / +26 dBv

External Input BC-378.
Connector:Female RCA x 2 input
Impedance:> 10 KOhm
Input range:- 30 dBv / +20 dBv (pre-adjusted in factory)
Input/Output TEL./4W BC-378.Connector:RJ-11 or “Hartman” Connector Block.
Input impedance:600 Ohm
Input range:- 40 dBv / - 6 dBvAEQ BC-300
Broadcast Mixing Console

Master Output BC-378.
Transformer Balanced.Connector:XLR Male x 2
Output impedance:< 75 Ohm
Nominal output level: + 4 dBv
Maximum output level:+15 dBv THD <0,2% 30 Hz - 20 KHz+19 dBv THD <0,2% 60 Hz - 20 KHz
Frequency bandwidth:- 0,4 dB 20 Hz.- 1,3 dB 20 KHz
Absolute noise:- 81 dBv 20 Hz / 20 Khz(no Input channel routed to master)

Auxiliary Outputs BC-378.
Transformer Balanced.
Connector: “Hartman” Connector Block.
Output impedance:< 75 Ohm
Nominal output level: + 4 dBv
Maximum output level:+15 dBv THD <0,2% 30 Hz - 20 KHz+19 dBv THD <0,2% 60 Hz - 20 KHz
Frequency bandwidth:- 0,4 dB 20 Hz.- 1,3 dB 20 KHz
Absolute noise:- 81 dBv 20 Hz / 20 Khz

Recording outputs BC-378
Asymmetrical.Connector:RCA x 6
Output impedance:1 KOhm
Nominal output level:+4 dBv
Maximum output level:+15 dBv

Output of Monitoring of Control BC-378
Asymmetrical.Connector: “Hartman” Connector Block.
Output impedance:300 Ohms
Maximum output level:+15 dBv

Studio Monitors Output BC-378
Connector: “Hartman” Connector Block
Output impedance:8 Ohms.
Maximum output level10+10 W. RMS

Headphones Output BC-378
Connector:1/4” Stereo Jack and “Hartman” Connector Block.
Output impedance:22 Ohms
Maximum output level:+15 dBvAEQ

BC-300Broadcast Mixing Console
Connector: “Hartman” Connector Block.
Output voltage:24 V.
Maximum admissible load:10 VA

Input voltage:110/220 V AC +6%,- 10%.
Consumption:70 VA

Width :600 mm
Height :175 mm
Depth :355 mm
Approximately 10 Kilograms.

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