Advent upconverter AUC4914 Ku band

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The AUC4800/4900 series are up converter assemblies with 70/140MHz inputs and are available with a number of output frequencies all contained within a single 1U-rack unit

An L-Band monitor output is provided at approximately –20dB relative to the L-band output or –35dBc relative to the SHF output (49XX models) An optional L-band input can be provided for addition of external communications equipment.

Advent upconverter AUC4914 Ku band (13750 to 14500MHz) (14000 to 14500MHz ) 70/140 MHz inputs 

Technical Details

The unit has a number of encoding and RF modules; each is controlled by a

microprocessor control PCB assembly.


The specifications below define the performance of these in separate sections for clarity.


Dimensions 1RU chassis x 550 mm deep

Weight 5.0 Kg approx.

Power connector Filtered IEC plug with dual fusing

AC Supply 90-264V AC 47 to 63 Hz @ <75 VA

Temperature Range 0 to +50°C operating -20 to +80°C storage

Remote Control & Monitoring 25Way D-type male

IF input TNC

RF out, RF monitor N-Type


IF input 70 or 140MHz (front panel selected)

Input Level -10 dBm

Input Impedance 75Ω

Input VSWR < 1.15


L-Band 50Ω, 950 – 1750 MHz

L-Band MONITOR 50Ω, 20dB less than main output

C –Band (option) 5.85 – 6.65GHz

X-Band (option) 7900 - 8400

Ku – Band (option) 12.75 – 18.4GHz – 5 Bands


Frequency step size 125 kHz

Frequency stability +/-2x10e-8

Output level L-Band - 10dBm

Output level C / Ku Band +10dBm min.

Gain variation 36MHz BW +/- 0.5dB

Phase Noise To IESS 308/309

On / Off ratio 70dB

Spurii - 70dBc / 4KHz

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