ADVENT LYNX 5100 satellite IRD IP Capable Integrated Receiver Decoder

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The LYNX 5100 SATELLITE IRD is housed in a 1RU ½ width chassis is a QPSK / 8PSK tuner -demodulator and MPEG2 HD / SD video - audio decoder.

The two inputs are tuneable at L-band from 950 to 2150MHz.

As a factory option, the second RF input may be configured for 70MHz fixed frequency or a L-Band looped thru’ monitor port.

The ADVENT LYNX 5100 provides QPSK DVB-S demodulation, from 1 to 45MS/s, and DVB-S2 from 1 – 30MS/s. All models provide PAL / NTSC analogue composite output and (HD)SDI output with embedded audio. Decoding is at 4:2:0 & 4:2:2 profiles, up to 55Mb/s with optional BISS 1 / E descrambling. An ASI output is provided from the demodulator input in addition to an ASI input to the decoder section.

The basic model provides PAL / NTSC analog standard definition source decoding at 4:2:0 with 4 channels of analog audio.

Options available can provide decoding at High Definition, 4:2:2, SDI video output with embedded audio, eight-channel AES / EBU digital audio outputs, Dolby E pass-thru’ and BISS conditional access.

HD signals are presented simultaneously as a ‘down-converted’ composite signal. The Lynx 5100 Satellite IRD contains all the original features of the Advent IRD5000, with the addition of IP Video connectivity.

An additional Ethernet connector provides IP Video connectivity, with the flexibility to operate the encapsulation / de-encapsulation process with internal MPEG2 A/V decoding or, independently from the decoding process.

The IP streaming output can be sourced from the inbuilt demodulator or from an external ASI source; the output will be packetized ASI in an Ethernet format.

The IP streaming input (same connector that can be used as the output at the same time) can receive IP encapsulated ASI and convert back to ASI. This ASI can either be a source to the ‘local’ decoder.

The full remote control can be made either by RS232/485 or the inbuilt Web Browser.

A clear graphical ‘routing’ page on the in-built web-browser the interface gives total control of all the possible combinations.

This manual provides information on the complete range available; note that not all options are fitted at the time of manufacture, and may require a return to factory for future hardware upgrades. Firmware upgrades may be offered from time to time for the customer to download into the LYNX 5100 SATELLITE IRD to add additional features as they become available.

Due to continual design improvements, some features described may be modified or added to. Contact factory, customer support or agent if any query arises.


Technical Details
  • Dimensions 1RU  ½ width chassis x 350 mm deep
  • Weight 1.7 Kg approx.
  • Power connector 3 Pin IEC plug with dual fusing 
  • AC Supply 90-264V AC 47 to 63 Hz @ <60 VA
  • Temperature Range 0 to +50°C operating –20 to +80°C storage
  • Humidity 90% max non condensing
  • RS232/485, Status  15Way D-type Female 
  • Ethernet control RJ45 USB Ports Type A Video, ASI connections BNC  75R L-Band (70MHz option) RF inputs (2) N-Type 50R Audio outputs 15way D-Type Male (breakout to 4 x XLR Male provided) Spares part number 036-4760

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