Advent exos video exciter 056-1011

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The Advent EXOS Exciter, housed in a waterproof, ruggedized cast chassis is an MPEG2 video & audio encoder combined with an L-band modulator. The output is tuneable at L-band from 950 to 1750MHz.

L-band monitor and combiner inputs are provided for monitoring and cascading to provide multiple carrier solutions.

Also, the EXOS Exciter is an HPA / SSPA controller for serial / parallel controlled amplifiers, the control of which is via a modulated carrier combined with the L-band signals. An Exos upconverter module is required to decode the control signals and present them in the appropriate format of the remote amplifier.

Advent exos video exciter 056-1011 is in stock 

Technical Details

The unit has a number of encoding and RF modules; each is controlled by a microprocessor control PCB assembly.

The specifications below define the performance of these in separate sections for clarity.


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