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ADVENT Antenna Control Unit with Flight cases 	ACU5000
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Brand: Advent Model: ACU5000
The ACU5000 is an antenna control unit designed to operate with VISLINK’s range of motorised antenna systems.The unit provides user friendly 3 speed motor control of azimuth, elevation and polarisation axis as well as automatic stow and deploy functions The ACU5000 comes with the option of i..
Advent Antenna Control Unite ACU4200 Advent Antenna Control Unite ACU4200
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Brand: Advent Model: 042-5194
Advent communication LNB 10.950 11.70GHz  LO 10GHz +/-5KHz KU Band..
Brand: Advent Model: DVM5000
The ADVENT DVM5000 is a satellite modulator designed to support the DVBS2 (Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite - Second Generation) standard.Key features of the ADVENT DVM5000 Satellite Modulator DVBS2:Modulation Technology: Utilizes DVBS2 modulation, which is an advanced digital modulation s..
Brand: Advent Model: exos exciter
The Advent EXOS Exciter, housed in a waterproof, ruggedized cast chassis is an MPEG2 video & audio encoder combined with an L-band modulator. The output is tuneable at L-band from 950 to 1750MHz.L-band monitor and combiner inputs are provided for monitoring and cascading to provide multi..
Brand: Advent Model: ird5100
The LYNX 5100 SATELLITE IRD is housed in a 1RU ½ width chassis is a QPSK / 8PSK tuner -demodulator and MPEG2 HD / SD video - audio decoder. The two inputs are tuneable at L-band from 950 to 2150MHz. As a factory option, the second RF input may be configured for 70MHz fixed frequency or a L-Band lo..
Brand: Advent Model: AUC4914
The AUC4800/4900 series are up converter assemblies with 70/140MHz inputs and are available with a number of output frequencies all contained within a single 1U-rack unitAn L-Band monitor output is provided at approximately –20dB relative to the L-band output or –35dBc relative to the SHF ..
Brand: Advent Model: DVE 5100
1x    ADVENT VISLINK LYNX 5100 video exciter (Encoder, Modulator and integral serial HPA controller) DVE 51001x    ADVENT VISLINK IRD5200 LYNX5200 receiver DVB-S2 16QPSK,32QPSK, Receiver with H.264 / MPEG2 Decoding1x    ADVENT VISLINK ASF50..
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