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ProPatch® PPI Series Panels are the ideal solution when you need a rugged, full-featured panel that will stand up to the most demanding professional applications. These tough, attractive panels feature a rugged epoxy powder-coated steel weldment chassis with a durable molded ABS jack insert. The panels feature rear silk screening for port identification and an adjustable rear cable support bar for superior strain relief and ADC’s exclusive snap-over designation system that prevents cards and windows from coming loose from the panel as is common with other systems.

The durable steel frame ensures against bent, cracked or broken rack ears, and the molded ABS inserts prevent stripped screws and cracked inserts common with phenolic panel inserts. The molded inserts are also available in a variety of colors to help segregate signal types such as AES audio, SDI video and HD video within a common facility. Panels are available in black or gray. PPI series panels are covered by an industry-exclusive 15 year* warranty against defects. *SVJ, MVJ, CJ, CJMID, and SMJ jacks

Technical Details


  • Tough professional construction
  • Welded steel chassis with high-impact ABS plastic-molded inserts
  • Adjustable steel strain relief cable bar with holes for cable ties
  • Highest quality, widest bandwidth, longest lasting jacks available. True 75 W impedance
  • Molded jack inserts come in a variety of colors and are much more durable than phenolic inserts; screws don’t strip out
  • Snap-on designation windows for labeling jacks
  • All jack styles available
  • 15 year waranty
  • ProPatch® PPI series unloaded video panels come in 1 RU and 2 RU models. They feature a tough steel weldment chassis with molded ABS jack insert and a strong, adjustable steel cable support bar with holes for cable ties.
  • Panels are available for standard size jacks in 2x24, 2x26, and 3x26 arrays. For midsize jacks, panels are available in 2x32 and 3x32 arrays. When ordering jacks, alternating short and long jacks to ease cabling.

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