ADC PPA1-24-NS-CG 1 RU Longframe 2x24 audio Panel

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  • Model Number: PPA1-24-NS-CG
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ADC PPA1-24-NS-CG 1 RU Longframe 2x24 audio Panel

ProPatch® Lite is ADC’s line of low-cost, do-it-yourself audio patchbays. For ADC quality on a budget, this is the answer. Features include a steel frame with sturdy molded insert for holding jacks, a removable steel strain relief cable bar, ADC’s outstanding quality WECO-standard bantam or longframe jacks with solder tails ready to wire, and choice of normalling configurations. Models are available in Bantam and Longframe jacks, in one and two rack unit heights with designation strips and standard jack spacing.

Technical Details

Sturdy Construction

• Steel frame with durable molded insert for holding jacks

• Removable steel cable bar

Two Panel Sizes

• 1 RU (1.75"/44 mm)

• 2 RU (3.5"/88 mm)

Longframe or Bantam Jacks

• Longframe jacks, 2x24 or 2x26 array, WECO- standard with solder tails ready for wiring

• Bantam jacks, 2x48 array, WECO-standard with solder tails ready for wiring

• Several ground lug styles

Choice of Normals

Normals out

Pre-half-normalled, common ground Pre-normals strapped, common ground Sleeve normal

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