ADC MVJ-3 Mid-Size Non-Terminating Video Patchbay Jack

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  • Brand: ADC
  • Model Number: MVJ-3
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Midsize video jacks have several advantages over standard size jacks in performance and size. All standard size video jacks observing WECO standards are, by definition, not 75 W in the patched state (with the exception of ADC’s SVJ-2 standard size Super Video Jack). The physical relationship of the center conductor diameter and the coaxial port diameter creates an impedance violation that causes the video impedance to drop to 58 W in the patched state.

In midsize video jacks, the physical relationship has been optimized, providing a constant impedance of 75 W in either the normalled-through mode or the patched mode. This impedance advantage can make a considerable difference in the elimination of bit errors in digital signals especially if the circuit is routed through several patches. The midsize offers 33 percent higher density than standard size for 2x32 configurations, which match typical router decades.

Technical Details


  • 3.0+ GHz bandwidth
  • Sealed switch
  • 75 W performance
  • RFI shielding
  • 2x32 mounting in one rack space
  • Unique captive mounting screws
  • Meets MIL-STD-202F for environmental and mechanical reliability

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