ADC HD/3G PPI Panels, MVJ-3T Midsize Dual Self-Normalling Super Video Jacks 75 Ohm Termination 2x32 MVJ-3T jacks

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  • Brand: ADC
  • Model Number: PPI1232RS-MVJT
  • Product Code: BS18643
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Pro PatchTM video panels are available in a wide variety of panel configurations, jack types and even color options.

The PPI series standard size panels feature a solid aluminum faceplate backed by a molded ABS jack insert. Panels have silk-screened port indicators on the rear of the panel to quickly identify jack ports, and ADC’s exclusive snap-over designation system that prevents cards and windows from coming loose from the panel as is common with other systems. Panels are available in black or gray.


Technical Details

Variety of Jacks

• HDTV Super Video Jacks for rated to 2.4+ GHz

• Analog and SD jacks rated to 750 MHz

• Analog and HDTV straight-through jacks rated to 2.4 GHz

• Many jack types available: single or dual, self- normalling or straight-through, non- terminating or 75 Ohm terminating, and standard spacing

Choice of Panel Sizes

• 1RU,2RUor3RUhighorcustomsizes

• Standard jack panels in 2x24, 2x26, 3x26, or 4x26 arrays

• Midsize jack panels in 2x32 or 3x32 arrays

• Most panels available in black or gray

• Colored inserts available on many panels (contact ADC for details)

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