Media Mains Distribution Unit 12

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  • Brand: Media
  • Model Number: MDU-12L
  • Product Code: BS17494
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The unit features 12 IEC rear
mounted outlets with individual
front mounted fuse holders.
Each outlet has two LED indicators
showing the status of the fuse,Green
for power on and Red for blown
fuse.Power Inlet is via a Neutrik
power-con and a second connector
is provided for looping. A wide
designation strip allows easy labelling
and a tie bar is included as standard

Technical Details
19 " extruded aluminium panel to Media specification.
BS9.099 Media Mist-Grey Eggshell paint.
Mains input 220/240V 50Hz
Input/ Loop connector Neutrik Powercon
Maximum input current: 16Amps
Output connectorst: IEC female
Maximum output current: 6Amp/ outlet continuous
Maximum total output current: 16Amps

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