GRASS VALLEY button per source Encore Prelude BPS control panel

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  • Model Number: ENCORE BPS
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Grass Valley control solutions offer the most comprehensive, multiformat solutions for acquisition, production, storage, and playback—and a strong foundation for centralized, proactive status and activity monitoring. With the increasing demands of multiplatform distribution and content repurposing, applications are required that efficiently and cost-effectively manage multiple video and audio signal paths while providing comprehensive tools to configure, monitor, and control broadcast infrastructure components.

Prelude addresses control management requirements for small- to medium-sized Concerto™ Series routing switchers as well as up to three Maestro™ master control channels. 

Prelude routing control is ideal for small- to medium-sized Concerto Series routing switchers used in mobile units, fixed broadcast, and post-production facilities—as well as telco and cable headends.

GRASS VALLEY button per source Encore/Prelude BPS  control panel 

Technical Details

Advanced Universal X-Y Programmable Control Panel

•            1 RU control panel for simple source and destination selection

•            Can be programmed to control single or multiple destinations

•            User-programmable keypad with two sets of prefix/suffix selection to preset sources or destinations

•            Separate displays for preset, status, and level

•            Eight configurable buttons for sources, destinations, salvos, or access to the second set of prefix/suffix

•            Panel grouping increase the number of configurable buttons by using additional 48 button panels

PRE-BPS Prelude 32 button per source control panel 1 RU  with local source configuration


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