GRASS VALLEY Stereo Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier (Brand new)

  • $100.00

  • Brand: Grass Valley
  • Model Number: 8910ADA-ST
  • Product Code: BS17418
  • Availability: In Stock
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The 8910ADA-ST offers cost-effective distribution of monaural or stereo analog audio throughout your facility. In stereo mode there are four pairs of outputs, and in monaural mode there are eight outputs. Featuring flat frequency response to maintain your signal integrity, the 8910ADA-ST offers a wide range of gain controls using a combination of board jumpers and local gain adjustment from the front of the module. Channel 1 and 2 gains are controlled separately so you can use this board as a dual 1x4 analog audio distribution amplifier. Additionally, you can easily monitor the condition of the module with our popular Ethernet interface, which provides a convenient Web interface, Newton control system, and SNMP monitoring. 

Technical Details

Key Features

  • Stereo or monaural modes

  • Frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz

    ±0.05 dB

  • Independent local gain control for each channel

  • Gain range from –15 dB to +33 dB

  • Max. output level +24 dBu

  • AC coupled input, eliminates DC component

  • Remote monitoring via Ethernet 

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