GRASS VALLEY SDI Video Auto Reclocking Distribution Amplifier DA (Brand new)

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  • Brand: Grass Valley
  • Model Number: 8936
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This distribution amplifier is ideal for space- constrained applications where a limited number of signal copies are required. By offering twice the density, it’s a perfect solution for mobile production applications—enabling 20 channels of distribution in only 2 RU of rack space. Both channels are fully DVB ASI compatible and can be used in any application where standard SDI video or ASI signals are

to be copied and distributed. The standard reclocker circuits greatly reduces jitter-induced over cable runs adjacent to high power lines
or from unstable sources of standard data rate signals. The reclocker can easily be disabled
to pass SMPTE 310M and other nonstandard data rate signals. A user-enabled video presence detection feature generates individual SNMP traps for each channel that can be sent to our NetCentral SNMP manager or other SNMP systems. 

Technical Details

  • Two separate distribution amplifiers on a single card

  • One with a looping differential input with three active outputs in addition to the loop-through passive output

  • One with a single-ended terminating input with four active outputs

  • Suitable for SMPTE 310M, SMPTE 259M, DVB ASI, SDI 270 Mb/s and most other 800 mV data from 4 Mb/s to 360 Mb/s

  • Input presence detection for each channel with SNMP trap generation

  • Independent reclocking circuits for each channel to reduce jitter

  • Automatic input cable equalization for up to 300 meters for each channel

  • Card edge LED status indicators 

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