GRASS VALLEY Monaural Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier (Brand new)

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  • Brand: Grass Valley
  • Model Number: 8910ADA-M
  • Product Code: BS17416
  • Quantity in stock: 8
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The 8910ADA-M offers cost-effective distribution of monaural analog audio throughout your facility. It features a flat frequency response to maintain signal integrity. You can easily monitor the condition of the 8910ADA-M with our popular Ethernet interface, which provides a convenient Web interface and SNMP monitoring capability. We offer a wide range of gain controls using a combination of board jumpers and local gain control from the front of the module. 

Technical Details

Key Features

  • Eight monaural outputs

  • Frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz

    ±0.05 dB

  • Gain range from –15 dB to +33 dB

  • Max output level +24 dBu

  • AC coupled input, eliminates DC component

  • Remote monitoring via Ethernet 

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