GRASS VALLEY Expansion Panel CP 3809

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  • Brand: Grass Valley
  • Model Number: CP 3809
  • Product Code: BS17428
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The CP 3809 can be used as a companion to the CP 3808 Switcher Control Panel or to the CP 3830 Control Panel. Each button

on the CP 3809 panel represents a destination, with the display line above providing status. Up to five CP 3809 panels can

be associated with a CP 3808 or CP 3830, providing up to 40 outputs for control. Figure 6−155 illustrates a control panel array

for CP 3809 control of 16 outputs.

For multi−bus control the desired source can be selected on the CP 3808/3830; the CP 3809 would then be used to select the

destination(s). The selected output button will glow "high" green to show that it will be affected by the switch. To complete

the switch, the operator presses the TAKE button on the CP 3808/3830. (This action does not affect the output being controlled

by the CP 3808 or CP 3830.)

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