GRASS VALLEY Downconverter and Frame Sync HD (Brand new)

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  • Model Number: 8995DNC
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The 8995DNC is a compact, broadcast-quality fiber-ready downconverter. Conversion is of the highest quality, with pixel-adaptive motion processing. In addition, the 8995DNC provides the most robust signal handling with the low hysteresis synchronizer, redundant reference, and perfect-picture mode of the 8985FS.

It is fully featured with color-space conversion and a powerful video proc. amp, including RGB color correction with gamma and component adjustments with Y/C clip level adjustments.

Powerful embedded audio handling includes channel-level and Dolby E stream routing. PCM audio processing eliminates the clicks caused by the video synchronizer dropping or repeating frames. This module silences the effects of hot upstream video switching using a V-fade.

VITC and closed caption conversion are supported for same frame-rate downconversions, making this an ideal module for playout applications.

One of three types of optional SFP fiber optic submodules can be installed in the fiber optic rear cage connector to provide two fiber inputs (Dual Receiver), two fiber outputs (Dual Transmitter), or one fiber input and one fiber output (Transceiver).

Refer to the module pinout and block diagram on the next page. 

Technical Details

Key Features

• High-quality downconverter with synchronizer for robust signal handling

• Image enhancement and pixel-level motion adaptive conversion for superb picture quality

• Full video proc. amp functions, including RGB and component color controls, video gain, chroma gain, phase control (hue), Y/C White and Y Black clip level controls, and color space conversion (ITU 601, ITU 709)

• Embedded audio can be adjusted for gain, delay, channel pairing, and output processing, then re-embedded into the video output stream

• Minimum delay (1 frame conversion) for low-latency live applications

• Maximum adjustable delay up to 9 frames

• Fiber-ready – accepts an optional SFP fiber device providing optical inputs or outputs

• Optional genlock reference input submodule for reference timing that supports loop-through, Tri-level sync and color black 

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